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Shipping and delivery information of Ezee e-cigarettes (updated 88th April 2020)

The corona-crisis is a sad situation for the world. In Denmark the government demanded a lock-down for the whole country, has been lifted a little step after Easter, but we have still a long way to go.  Together with most of the world, we are all struggling while trying to keep our daily life and care for each other and our nearest.

Please take time to read below.


From today we are no longer using normal post, since this is too problematic. All order below 79.95 will be charged 15.99 and shipped with UPS/DHL. We are sorry, but delivery time are now too long, due to the cancelling of civil flights. Above 79.95 the shipping is free.

The situation with the factories are currently unknown, We do have stock but of course no one known for how long. We will serve the orders as the arrive. But please do not wait if you want to make sure to get your products.

When you finalise and pay your order, out system will instantly send the invoice to the email address you gave when finish the order. If you do not find it in your inbox, please look in your spam folder.  The sender would be so look for that address. We react to all incoming messages from our website and direct mail, and reply within hours, even in week-ends.   (Remark that we are on Copenhagen time). This reply will come from one of our personal mails, ending on Again if the reply do not land in your mailbox please look in spam.  It is of course always better to "white list" & in your mail client.

Best regards
Ezee e-cigarettes

Jes B. Jepsen
Founder and CEO

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